JPEG Converter

Convert any images to JPEG format.

Do you want to convert your images or PDF files into JPEG format? Then try OXPDF, an online image converter tool that can easily convert any image into JPEG format completely for free.


What is JPEG format?

Imagine you're painting a picture using tiny squares of different colors. Each square represents a pixel. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format is like taking a photo of that painting and then compressing it to make the file smaller. It does this by cleverly grouping similar colors and removing some details your eyes might not notice. So, when you open a JPEG image, your computer or phone knows how to put all those tiny squares back together to show you the picture. It's like a puzzle where each piece is a pixel!


What is a JPEG Converter?

A JPEG converter is an online tool that can convert your other formatted images (ex: pdf, png, webp, etc...) into JPEG format. However, since JPEG is a "lossy" compression format, it means some tiny details might be sacrificed in the process, but don't worry, they're usually things your eyes wouldn't even miss!


Why convert into JPEG format?

Converting into JPEG is like shrinking a photo to fit it into a smaller frame without losing too much detail. It's handy for sharing pictures online because it makes the file smaller without making the picture look bad. So, it's like magic for making photos easier to send and store!


How to convert?

  1. Upload your files, up to 10 files at a time.
  2. Click the Convert button.
  3. Download the converted files 1 or at a time in a ZIP file.
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