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How to Convert Excel to PDF Free

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convert excel to pdf online for free

In this article, we'll look at two different ways to convert an Excel file to PDF format.


The quickest and easiest way to do the conversion from Excel to PDF is to utilize OXPDF.


Convert Excel to PDF

You probably know that if you work with Excel files, you'll need to convert them to PDF occasionally so that you may share your spreadsheet in a more legible format. It's possible that you'd only want to share a subset of your spreadsheet or render it uneditable.


Many more web tools and browsers can read PDF files, making it a more convenient format for sharing documents online.


It can be difficult and confusing to save an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF. Last but not least, it's quite improbable that your spreadsheet would display as a clean, bordered page.


You'll need a strategy for transforming your spreadsheet into a presentable and understandable PDF.


To get from Excel to PDF, use OXPDF

If you don't have Microsoft Office, you may still utilize Oxpdf's free online converter tool to transform your Excel file into a readable, error-free PDF.


As a first step, we'll use Oxpdf, a free web-based Excel to PDF conversion application, to transform the spreadsheet into a PDF.


How to export an Excel spreadsheet as a portable document format (PDF):

● Check out

● Scroll the homepage down a bit, and see the "Most Popular PDF Tools" section.

● Select "Excel to PDF" from the menu that appears.

● In order to transfer the file, just use the mouse to do so. You have the option of selecting individual pages inside the document and rotating them to a new orientation.

● Your updated PDF file is ready for download and viewing in your web browser.


Thereafter, you're free to forward the PDF file via email or otherwise disseminate the file.

 free quality converter at Oxpdf

You can also use alternate methods to make your Excel file into a PDF. It can be printed as a PDF or saved as a PDF in Excel.


In Excel, save the file as a PDF:


● Click Save As and choose PDF as the file type OR click Export > Export to XPS/PDF from the menu bar.


● The document's final quality and size are affected by the optimization setting you choose, Standard or Minimum.


If you want to modify where your content is published, click "Options."


Selection: In this case, the cells that you have chosen

Dynamic Sheets: Currently selected sheet

The Entire Workbooks: Every every spreadsheet in the present document's Table: You've got yourself an Excel table, all defined and whatnot.


There is also an option to completely disregard the specified print region.



To generate a PDF copy of the document:


It is possible to print an Excel document by selecting Print from the File tab (or File menu).


Microsoft Print to PDF is an option that shows in the dropdown menu of the printer dialog box in Windows.


That's how you get a PDF copy of your document. Make sure everything looks good in the print preview before you click the "Print" button.


To save your Excel work before printing, you may want to first save it (under the File option).

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