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How to convert PDF to Excel online

Datetime:2023-01-19    Views:139

Excel sheets can be manually saved as PDFs from within Microsoft Office, but the reverse is not feasible. And, while most PDF conversions demand heavy-duty enterprise software, Oxpdf allows you to import PDF to Excel for free. You can complete this process without turning to a third-party PDF editor.


PDF converter for converting PDF to Excel.

For this purpose, we have the most widely used PDF to Excel converter available online. It won't take more than a few seconds to complete the conversion. What must be done is as follows:


  • Visit the Oxpdf web page.

  • From the homepage, navigate to the PDF to Excel section of Online Tools.


  • Simply drop the PDF you wish to edit using the dropper. Once you click the button, the process of exporting to Excel will begin immediately.

  • Let us handle the file conversion while you kick back and relax.

  • When your Excel file has been converted, you can download it and open it in your web browser.




What is Oxpdf, and why should I use it to convert PDF to Excel online?

Oxpdf is an all-inclusive program for handling PDFs. Among other things, it can edit and convert files for you. It's a lot more useful than just a PDF to Excel converter.


Solution free trials are available for 7 days from us. The website's free solutions are limited in two ways: (1) you can only open one PDF (or Excel) file at a time, and (2) the file size you can deal with is capped.


Naturally, you'll need a web browser and access to the internet to make use of them.


For simple document and image management tasks like converting a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet, these free online tools are ideal.

convert pdf to excel


Is it safe to use Oxpdf online for PDF to Excel conversion?

Put simply, the answer is yes. Every month, millions of individuals utilize the safe and reliable web-based tools and complete suite.


Your data is safe during the converting process when you use any Oxpdf tool.


To keep your information safe, we encrypt everything with SSL before processing and delete everything thereafter, both the converted files and the originals.

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