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How to Convert PDF to Word

Datetime:2023-01-05    Views:190

Need to make a quick change to a PDF file? You might not be able to fix your mistake so simply if you don't have access to a PDF editor that allows you to edit, add, or delete material.


Fear not. You can save yourself the cost of expensive PDF editing tools by having your PDF converted to a Word document. This way, you can make the necessary edits to your document with as little hassle as possible by taking advantage of Word's many features.



The good news is that it's not nearly as complicated as it sounds to transform PDF files into Word documents. Our Oxpdf converter offers a solution.


Our free OXPDF converter allows you to simply convert all of your PDF files into Word documents while maintaining all of the formattings. It also includes a tool for converting the file back into a PDF after you've finished altering it. Here's how to convert your PDF files to Word with our free PDF to Word converter:


● You may either select the PDF to convert or just drag and drop the files onto the interface.


● Following that, the converter will take the text, pictures, and scanned pages out of your PDF.


● Your document will be transformed into a flawlessly formatted Word document in just a few seconds.


● Simply click the link, save the file to your computer, and then open it in Microsoft Word.

convert pdf to word online


Is the PDF to DOCX conversion free?

On OXPDF, converting PDF to DOCX is totally free. Only a few restrictions apply, such as file size. File conversions of up to 128 MB are free, and you can convert the files if you have an account with us.


Are my files safe?

All files uploaded to OXPDF are guaranteed to be secure. We've put in place a number of safeguards to guarantee the security of your data and files.


On the server side, 256-bit SSL encryption protects your file during upload and download, and the server is regularly cleaned and updated. You can only get to the page where you can download your converted files by clicking on a link that can't be guessed, and the link will stop working after either 24 hours or 10 downloads.


We also never take any ownership interest in your files or papers and never check them by hand. Naturally, the files are not distributed to any outside parties either.

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