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PDF to FAX Converter

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PDF to FAX Converter has the ability to convert pdf to fax format. With the assistant of pdf to fax software, users can easily convert to fax with simple steps and fast speed.
Apart from that, multifunctional PDF to FAX Converter also can set output location to a specific folder or save as the same as the source folder. After sending pdf to fax format, users can directly send fax to friends or for other use.
Free download PDF to FAX Converter and have a free trial.

  • Convert PDF to FAX
  • Send PDF to FAX
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Key Features of PDF to FAX Converter

Send PDF to FAX with PDF to FAX Converter

  • PDF to FAX Converter can help users easily convert pdf to fax format.
  • PDF to FAX software can output fax file with original text, links and more, generally output tif. format can be easily sent.

Multifunctional PDF to FAX Converter

  • One simple click can get access to the converted fax file with "Browse" button.
  • Encrypted files can be converted to fax from pdf, this smart PDF to FAX Converter can remember the password you input before.

Easy to output fax format

  • Save converted fax file to the source folder same with pdf, or customize a folder needed.
  • No professional knowledge needed, just simple clicks can finish converting pdf to fax.

Guide: How to use PDF to FAX Converter